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Autodrain Shocker tool

Autodrain Shocker

Shocker is a stand alone compressed air operated combination suction and gravity system with a 90ltr storage capacity. A hydraulic tool punctures the shock absorbers allowing the majority of fluid to be sucked through the piercing tip, residual fluid is then extracted through the punctured hole with a suction probe. The tool incorporates a seal to minimise fluid leakage during the puncturing/suction process. A budget version is also avaialble.
Autodrain web site
Contact Autodrain by email or telephone: 0113 2059332
Address: AutoDrain, Wakefield Road,Rothwell Haigh, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 OSB

Crow shock absorber tool

Crow Shock Absorber Depollution

Our much copied but never rivalled shock absorber drainer can cope with atmospheric, pressurised oil or pressurised gas shocks without danger to the operator. Air powered the unit is simple to use and out performs all its rivals.
Crow Environmental web site
Contact Crow Environmental by email or telephone: 01473 290267
Address: Crow Environmental Ltd, 3 The Quadrangle Centre, The Drif, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9QR

GreenCar Oil Filter Crusher

Green Car Depollution Shock Punch

Every part of the Green Car Eco Shock Punch is specifically designed for smooth and problem free operation. The operation buttons are mounted on the punch itself not inconveniently on the drainer. The unique tool releases smoothly from the shock, without pulling and manoeuvring the tool.The Steel Draining unit is specifically engineered for the Eco Punch and robustly constructed with Heavy Duty Wheels.
Green Car depollution web site
Contact Green Car by email or telephone: 01684 298084
Address: Green Car Depollution Ltd, Basepoint Business Centre, Tewkesbury Business Park, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucs GL20 8SD



The 4 shock absorbers from a vehicle can contain up to 1.5 liters of oil which must be drained. Shock absorbers are not built with drainage screws so draining them can be a problem.
SEDA provides a fast and cost effective solution with its new SOG². Powerful multi adjustable grip pliers secure the drilling unit to all sized shock absorbers while the specially designed drill bit creates a drainage hole for oil removal in seconds. Once the hole has been drilled the drill bit is retracted and the oil sucked out of the shock absorber through the SEDA SOG² to a secondary storage container. A suction hose is included with the delivery to remove any remaining oil below the drill hole.
The fully revised shock absorber evacuation unit is an evolution of the hugely successful SOG.
SEDA web site
Contact SEDA by email or telephone: +43 5375 6318-0
Address: SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Schwendterstraße 10
6345 Kössen, AUSTRIA

Vortex Shocker tool

Vortex Shock Tool from JMC

For fast easy extraction of fluid from shock absorbers, using air powered hydraulics to punch into the shock absorber. Oil is then vacuumed out into the storage tank. Robust and user friendly for use in a tough environment.
JMC web site
Contact JMC Vortex by email or telephone: 0115 979 1478
Address:JMC Recycling Systems Ltd, Harrimans Lane, Dunkirk, Nottingham, NG7 2SD, England

If you supply a service or product to Authorised Treatment Facilities that are involved with depolluting and dismantling end of life vehicles and would like to appear in this listing then please contact us. If there isn't a particular category for your service, then we shall consider adding a new category.

Listings cost £130 per annum +vat for the first entry and £35+vat per entry for further listings under different classifications. For further details, please contact us by email or telephone us on 01544 267140.

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Leading parts location service, 1st Choice Spares have been working hard to improve the service given to the customer. The latest news will enhance that service even more.