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Header glass removal
Autodrain GlassPopper

Autodrain GlassPopper

GlassPopper is used for removing urethane-bonded windows. It can get to those hard to reach areas were other glass tools can’t. It works entirely on the outside of the window. A little "Flameless Heat" on the inside of the window combined with a little pressure and out it Pops!
Autodrain web site
Contact Autodrain by email or telephone: 0113 2059332
Address: AutoDrain, Wakefield Road,Rothwell Haigh, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 OSB

Iris-Mec glass removal

Iris-Mec TVP Pneumatic Glass Cutter

Designed specifically to safely cut the front and rear windscreens from the car. This tool is both safe and quick, and it does not produce micro-dust. It has a 60 Litre stainless steel tank, with a 1,2 HP three phase vacuum pump for continuous use. It is provided with an automatic on-off system, and it is supplied with castors for ease of movement and storage.
Iris-Mec website
Contact Iris-Mec by email or telephone: 01604 642020
Address: CIS Ltd, 25 Hatton Close, Moulton Park Ind. Est., Northampton, NN3 6SU

SEDA WindscreenCutter

SEDA WindscreenCutter

This special SEDA tool is a fast and easy solution to remove windscreens from cars. With our special milling technology a shattering tool is not necessary. The risk of laceration from broken glass is down to almost zero.
The powerful vacuum unit suck off any glass dust, shards and splinters and collect it in a specific storage container.
• electrical
• pneumatical

SEDA RescueCutter

SEDA RescueCutter

Road accidents involving vehicles usually end with unpredictable results. Rescue teams must be prepared for every situation. With the SEDA RescueCutter they are able to cut windshields quickly to get into the car.
The SEDA RescueCutter is a lightweight, always ready hand held tool with its own rechargeable power supply and cuts through vehicle windshields in seconds.
Locked, blocked or damaged doors cost life threatening delays in administering crucial first aid. The “Jaws of Life” and other hydraulic devices can give access to the victims but are bulky and take valuable minutes to set up. So how do rescue teams administer critical first aid to drivers and passengers without delay? They use the SEDA RescueCutter.
• Mill for Polycarbonate windows (Panorama windows)
• Also available with cable connection

SEDA GlassTrolley+Blanket

SEDA GlassTrolley+Blanket

In order to remove side door windows and rear windows in an even more effective way, SEDA present two options. It is fast and save.
For easy removal of car side windows and collection within the trolley.
Flexible blanket for side and rear car window removal and collection.
• Easy disposal of the collected glass
• Window punch included
• Protection against flying glass splinters
• Easy to use
SEDA web site
Contact SEDA by email or telephone: +43 5375 6318-0
Address: SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Schwendterstraße 10
6345 Kössen, AUSTRIA

If you supply a service or product to Authorised Treatment Facilities that are involved with depolluting and dismantling end of life vehicles and would like to appear in this listing then please contact us. If there isn't a particular category for your service, then we shall consider adding a new category.

Listings cost £145 per annum +vat for the first entry and £35+vat per entry for further listings under different classifications. For further details, please contact us by email or telephone us on 01544 267140.

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Pinnacle and 1st Choice link up to benefit customers
Leading parts location service, 1st Choice Spares have been working hard to improve the service given to the customer. The latest news will enhance that service even more.