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Header Depollution Rig
Autodrain Depollution Rig

Autodrain Depollution Rigs

AutoDrain offer a bespoke service in designing and installing depollution rigs. We can work with your space to create the most efficient and cost effective solution for your depollution process Our products work together and can be expanded in a modular manner as your requirements develop.
Autodrain web site
Contact AutoDrain by email or telephone: 0113 2059332
Address: AutoDrain, Wakefield Road,Rothwell Haigh, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS26 OSB

Crow depollution systems

Crow De-pollution Systems

Crow offer a comprehensive range of equipment from low volume systems for the small operator through our fully pumped midi unit for the vehicle breaker which can be used between two work station, to our unique high volume system which utalises our specifically design 4 ram scissor lift avoiding unnecessary double handling of vehicles between low and high fixed stands Over 2000 units now operating across Europe, Africa and North & South America.
Crow Environmental web site
Contact Crow Environmental by email or telephone: 01473 290267
Address: Crow Environmental Ltd, 3 The Quadrangle Centre, The Drif, Nacton Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9QR

GreenCar depollution stations

Green Car Depollution Stations

Green Car Depollution Stations are the result of over 12 years experience and knowledge, simplifying and perfecting a system that gives you exactly what you require to remove all hazardous liquids, petrol, diesel, waste oil, coolant and screen wash from an end of Life vehicle. All items including depollution cabinets with pumps are available separately, ideally suitable for adding extra capacity to your existing equipment.
Green Car depollution web site
Contact Green Car by email or telephone: 01684 298084
Address: Green Car Depollution Ltd, Basepoint Business Centre, Tewkesbury Business Park, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucs GL20 8SD

Iris-Mec depollution systems

Iris-Mec Drainage Systems

Iris-mec offer an extensive range of options to allow for systems to be tailored to an individual site.
ISL Fluid Drainage System ISL fluid drainage system incorporating 3 air pressure pumps, and 1 vacuum jet PFT, comprising of 2 air pumps, and an air powered drill BRL arm, to drain the engine, gearbox, brakes and differential oils. The BRL comes complete with all hosing & valves.
ISE Fluid Drainage System comprising of 5 air pumps for each specific fluid; PFT comprising of 2 air pumps and an air drill; BRL arm to drain engine oil, brakes and differential complete with tubes.
Iris-Mec website
Contact Iris-Mec by email or telephone: 01604 642020
Address: CIS Ltd, 25 Hatton Close, Moulton Park Ind. Est., Northampton, NN3 6SU

Seda Moduleonestart


The ModuleOne START is the compact and professional ELV de-pollution solution! The System is easy to install, has a small footprint with SEDA built quality at an affordable price.
The ModuleOne START is the perfect solution for low volume dismantlers or scrap yards who prefer to use equipment to de-pollute their vehicles professional within the law.
Incorporating powerful 1 inch pumps and the award winning Regular TankDrilling-Machine, the ModuleOne START saves on price without sacrificing safety or quality.
Petrol/Diesel, Waste oil, Coolant fluid/Washer fluid and Brake fluid are efficiently and cleanly removed.
We recommend the SEDA ModuleOne system for a productivity rate of up to 16 cars per day.

SEDA EasyDrain

SEDA EasyDrain

The SEDA EasyDrain is an ideal solution to drain End-of-life vehicles (ELV) of all liquids. Specially developed and focused on smaller dismantlers, the SEDA EasyDrain concept is very successful. The engineering and economic challenge was to find an optimal combination for a clean, efficient, but fast and cost-effective solution. This Drainage station fulfills all this requirements.
With the EasyDrain you can process up to 30 vehicles a day. The approval SEDA technology removes up to 98% of all fluids without spilling a drop. There are 3 versions:
• SEDA EasyDrain Basic (SEDA TankDrillingMachine „heavy duty“ mobile with 1 swing-arm)
• SEDA Easy Drain Compact (SEDA SEDA TankDrillingMachine „heavy duty“ with 2 swing-arms)
• SEDA EasyDrain Individuell (We can offer you a tailor made solution for your special requirements!)
Both versions include our SEDA “heavy duty” TankDrillingMachine, with up to 4 vacuum pumps for petrol & diesel, waste oil, windscreen washer fluid & coolant and brake fluid by pump or vacuum chamber. It comes with special tools to remove coolant fluid and additional accessories (universal pressure plugs, etc.). SEDA EasyDrain works with different vehicle mounting systems like single ramp, single lifting ramp, double lifting ramp, scissor lifts, etc.

SEDA SingleStation

SEDA SingleStation

The SEDA SingleStation is the most advanced and efficient end-of-life vehicle (ELV) drainage system on the market. A modern drainage system must satisfy individual demands and fit in seamlessly with existing processes and automations. The SEDA SingleStation is a fully integrated system with some of the countless advantages from the use of powerful suction pumps in combination with the certified SEDA TankDrilling-Machine. Customers appreciate the large, unobstructed area of operation, the endlessly field-tested, proven reliability or simply the incredible range of accessories allowing countless variation possibilities. The SEDA SingleStation achieves a productivity rate of 40 cars per day. SEDA SingleStation base units are:
• SEDA TankDrillingMachine
• SEDA GearboxDrillingMachine
• Moveable staircase
• Hydraulic tilting vehicle ramp
• Swing arm for fuel/oil removal
• Robust pumps
• Brake fluid kuli
• Catchment area
• Automatic hose wheel
• SEDA closing plugs
• SEDA testing plugs
• SEDA brake fluid pliers

SEDA MDS6 Container

SEDA MDS6 Container

The MDS6 is the newest container system of SEDA and provides an All-in-One solution for a mobile de-pollution of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) on the cutting edge of technology.
The SEDA MDS6 is a roll-off container in which a complete drainage system is integrated. The opened container cover functions like a roof and as rain protection. A static vehicle ramp with a capacity of up to 4 tons is installed in the container as well as catchment areas and important working aids like a workbench, tool box, etc.
The de-pollution system consists of a vacuum reservoir for brake fluid, a double diaphragm pump for petrol, diesel waste oil, coolant and washer fluid located in a simple housing, a control panel, a TankDrillingMachine, two fuel quality controls, one swing arm for the TankDrillingMachine and one for the waste oil funnel, a SOG², 4 hose reels (for coolant & washer fluid, air pressure and power supply (230V)) and additional supplies.
All required fuel lines and quick couplings are already preinstalled in the container. In addition to MDS6 SEDA offers a mobile storage TankPlatform, which is equipped with 5 high quality tanks (for petrol, diesel, waste oil, coolant & washer fluid) and can be placed in the container during the transport.
SEDA web site
Contact SEDA by email or telephone: +43 5375 6318-0
Address: SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH, Schwendterstraße 10
6345 Kössen, AUSTRIA

Vortex Depollution Rig

Vortex Depollution Systems

System includes a low work stand for under bonnet areas, wheel removal and airbags then a high stand for draining oils, coolant, fuel, suspension fluids and removing cats. High efficiency to maximise throughput. Single, double or multi-stations .
Vortex Depollution web site
Contact Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd by email
or telephone: 01246 589601
Address: Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd, Bidestone House, Astwith Close, Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S42 5UR

If you supply a service or product to Authorised Treatment Facilities that are involved with depolluting and dismantling end of life vehicles and would like to appear in this listing then please contact us. If there isn't a particular category for your service, then we shall consider adding a new category.

Listings cost £145 per annum +vat for the first entry and £35+vat per entry for further listings under different classifications. For further details, please contact us by email or telephone us on 01544 267140.

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