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Should they repeal the Scrap Metal Dealers Act?

I was recently talking the MVDA’s Secretary, Chas Ambrose who told that from his conversations with the Home Office, the government believe that SMDA13 is doing what it was intended to do, and that currently they have no intention to repeal the legislation.
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Bridge Van Ltd Northern Ireland keep moving forward

Bridge Van Ltd

Keeping up with the times and developing your business to meet specific needs is essential if you wish to grow and prosper. It was good to hear from Northern Ireland based. Bridge Van Ltd who have spent the last 25 years doing just that.
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OHRA racking systems

Polish auto recyclers conference raises many issues

Poland recently held their annual recycling conference organised by the Polish Automotive Recycling Association, FORS, and regular contributor and Head of Autofinity Parts, Andy Latham was invited to address the audience. These were Andy’s thoughts about the visit.
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Vortex gets a new home

Bags from old leather seats

The Vortex range of depollution and ancillary equipment in the UK has moved home to Derbyshire, and now all manufacturing, sales and service are handled by Chesterfield Recycling Systems Ltd.
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atfProfessional advertising

Pressure for a diesel scrappage scheme

Following a High Court decision in early November, 2016, there have been renewed calls for a diesel vehicle scrappage scheme as one of a ‘raft’ of measures to deal with air pollution in many UK cities. This is thought to be a major contributor to 40,000 premature deaths every year in the UK.
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Revised Fire Prevention Plans pulls Trade bodies together

Trade associations from the waste and recycling sector have joined forces to lobby the Environment Agency (EA) over its recently revised fire prevention plan (FPP) guidance.
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