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Hills Recycling moves parts distribution to a new level

It’s a while since we visited Hills Salvage & Recycling Ltd in Skelmersdale, so it was good to see how their vehicle and parts processing has progressed... and it was impressive!
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UK Recyclers clean up at ARA Awards

ARA Awards for Allen Prebble and Jason Cross

We’ve had a lot of American news lately; well here’s some that’s a bit more interesting! Jason Cross of FAB Recycling and Allen Prebble of Silverlake were recipients of prestigious awards at the Automotive Recyclers Association Awards Dinner recently in Baltimore, USA.
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Hensel Recycling

SEDA opens Turkish branch

It isn’t long ago that we were announcing SEDA’s new base in the UK; now they have told us about their latest base that’s opened in Turkey to cover Turkey and the Middle East.
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Upcycling ELV car seat leather

Bags from old leather seats

When cars reach the end of their useful lives they drop into a well-established process for disposal. Many of the cars constituent materials are recovered through this process, but other materials are “lost”. Leather seats are a prime example. This is an area you may be able to capitalise on!
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UK Recyclers Road Trip - a lot of fun and loads of ideas!

30 people, two lobsters, too many cars to count, 4 recyclers, over 650 miles and 2 awards. What am I talking about? The UK Recyclers Road Trip to the Automotive Recyclers Association Annual Convention. Andy Latham reports on the trip.
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Only YOU hold the KEY to safe working at your site

Recently we have seen two high profile prosecutions for unacceptable standards of management with regards to the interaction of people and vehicles in the workplace, it seems an ideal time to re-visit some of the unsafe working practices I witness.
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OHRA racking systems
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