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Brexit and the weak pound

With the pound taking a big hit since Brexit, we wanted to know what the impact has been for the auto recycler.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

You have to know what to do with the latest technology

Gorilla Glass

To process hybrids and electric vehicles you need the right kit, such as this lock to prevent service plugs being accidently refitted or the insulated hook to pull someone away in the event of electrocution. And there's plenty more - RecoAuto's Andy Latham explains...
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CIWM report takes on the future of reuse

Stakeholders across the UK believe more can and should be done to stimulate reuse but a number of barriers need addressing, according to a report launched today by incoming CIWM President Professor Margaret Bates. As we are probably at the forefront of re-use, we thought this report should be of interest.
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Value My Cat

Electronics & Cars Recycling in Macau

RECO launch 12 month guarantee

ICM AG has distributed the program for its Electronics and Cars Recycling conference, taking place from November 15 – 18, 2016 at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel.
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EA takes a closer look at ebay

Anyone who is a legitimate vehicle dismantler has been more than dismayed at the ease at which an illegal operator can sell his parts on eBay, often at a more competitive price as he doesn’t carry anywhere near the same overhead.
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Hensel Recycling

Increased salvage transparency from HBC

We have previously mentioned issues concerning the sale of vehicles at auction and what becomes of them many times in the past so it’s good to reports something positive.
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Platinum recoveries
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