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EA puts meat onto the bones of their campaign

As we have previously mentioned, the Environment Agency is preparing an ELV compliance campaign in England starting this April.
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More on maximising your return

MintGreen parts

A couple of months back, we looked into the financial benefits of breaking your own engines to separate the aluminium and the steel. This month we take a close look at the potential benefits of using a Powerhand VRS in the current market. With many commodity prices on the floor do the returns add up?
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OHRA racking systems

New developments will mean less steel

Steel from shells may not be the best income stream these days, and we are constantly aware of materials such as plastic, aluminium and more recently, carbon fibre reducing the steel content, but now, technological developments in the steel itself could bring weight reductions of between 30-50%.
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Body panels, glass and bumpers the problem area!

SEDA MDS6 Container

Regular readers will be aware that we have been looking into the problems of parts deliveries over the last few months and this issue, after talking to many of you, we think we’ve narrowed the problem down.
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

Website link lets you notify illegals

Illegal operators, who avoid the impact and heavy costs associated with working within the framework of the law, have always had a serious financial impact on the legitimate operator. MVDA have been campaigning to stamp out the illegals for a long time and their efforts are now having an impact.
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SMMT and Autogreen take on Orphan Vehicles

As we all aware, SMMT offers free recycling take-back service o owners of end of life ‘orphan vehicles’. Under the End of Life Vehicles Directive, when cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes reach the end of their lives, they must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. However, while manufacturers provide this service free of charge, some motorists can face difficulties if the brand is no longer trading and has no parent company. When this happens, the car or van becomes what is known as an ‘orphan vehicle’.
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FABBundle - why buy the whole car?
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