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FABBundle - why buy the whole car?

Air bag tools
Air con recovery
Cat cutters
Depollution rigs
Dismantling systems
Fuel removal
Glass removal
LPG recovery

Autodrain Depollution Equipment

machinery - ferrous
machinery - nonferrous
Oil filter crushers
Oil skimmers

Car Breaking Yard for sale/rent

Oil spill clean-up
Shock absorber tools
Storage tanks
Vehicle lifts/ramps
Vehicle tilting rigs
Wheel crushers

Air bags
Businesses for sale
Cashless trading systems
Cat buyers
Environmental Consultants
Health & safety

Abanaki Oil Skimmers

Legal assistance
Oil collection
Racking for vehicles/spares
Salvage auctions


Salvage software
Scrap Non Ferrous
Scrap ferrous
Spares locator services
Stock control software

Salvage auctions
Specialist ATFs

Credit card laws
ELV Directive
Health & safety

Do you understand bidding tools?

One change that really stands out to me over the past 10 years or so is the recognition by dismantlers of the value that comes from using bidding software when buying cars to dismantle. Steve Tapner explains.
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Blue Group

CARS 2016 looks like something special

CARS 2016

As auto recyclers we have often been neglected and overlooked as a sector. CARS 2012 at Hills, near Liverpool changed all that when our industry took centre stage. That was followed two years later with CARS 2014 based at Motorhog’s Doncaster site. Where does it go from here?
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Clarification on the Salvage Code and VIC

Last month, the MVDA received a letter from the Department of Transport which updated the association as to the government’s current position on the abolition of the vehicle identity check (VIC) and the salvage code.
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Richard & Jerrom Scrap engine buyers

EV market moving at a pace now!

EV Battery

There has been a great deal of news recently from the EV market which suggests it won’t be long until we have to look hard at the potential returns from EVs. Here’s a recap of what we’ve found recently - made us realise that things are happening quicker than we thought!
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Green Car announce Air-Con deal

Further to last month’s article about the Envionment Agency’s planned crack down on air-con recovery and shock absorber depollution this autumn, Green Car tell us they have put together a special deal for readers who are not yet fully equipped.
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The workplace and Social media

Social media is everywhere nowadays - everywhere you look, someone is updating their Facebook or Twitter feed, even businesses large and small are agreed that social media can be an invaluable marketing tool, so what could possibly go wrong?
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OHRA racking systems
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