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Some auctions are failing their customers

We have come across some pretty poor treatment of readers by on-line auctions recently and if you buy on-line, you need to be aware.
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OHRA racking systems

SAS Forks ‘Extreme’ dismantler now available in the UK

RemoveMyCar target

Last year, following the CARS show, American equipment supplier, SAS linked up with JMC Recycling to sell and service their products in the UK and Europe. December saw the first installation of the SAS Forks ‘Extreme’ dismantler at Walters Bildelar Auto Dismantlers near Gothenburg in Sweden.
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Recycled plastics grades starting to have impact

We have all seen the ever growing use of plastics in vehicles which is balanced by an ever reducing amount of metal. Plastics have never offered the values to justify their removal, sorting and baling but times are changing.
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

Technology is key to ASM’s future

ASM Auto Recycling

Oxfordshire based, ASM Auto Recycling is one of the more progressive operations in the UK, constantly analysing and taking advantage of what they see as benefits to the business. One area that creates a real benefit for ASM is the use of technology, and as one of the main users of DH System’s Frontier Salvage and Vehicle Dismantling system (which has recently seen major enhancements), we thought it time to take a closer look.
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CARS show - what’s the future

We were talking with the organisers of CARS a few weeks back to find out their plans for CARS 2016. It might sound a long time away but it soon comes around and some big changes are being talked about. This is your show and we would like your opinion.
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FABBundle - why buy the whole car?

Standards - standards - standards

John Lewis, Ikea, Cadbury’s - all stand out companies in their markets, why is this? Quality, innovation and superior taste could be applied to each one of these brands in that order, so what is making your company stand apart from your competitors?
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Duesmann CAT buyers
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