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Iris-Mec Depollution

Air bag tools
Air con recovery
Cat cutters
Depollution rigs
Dismantling systems
Fuel removal
Glass removal
LPG recovery

Autodrain Depollution Equipment

machinery - ferrous
machinery - nonferrous
Oil filter crushers
Oil skimmers

Abanaki Oil Skimmers

Oil spill clean-up
Shock absorber tools
Storage tanks
Vehicle lifts/ramps
Wheel crushers

Air bags
Businesses for sale
Cashless trading systems
Cat buyers
Environmental Consultants
Health & safety
Legal assistance


Oil collection
Racking for vehicles/spares
Salvage auctions
Salvage software
Scrap Non Ferrous
Scrap ferrous
Spares locator services
Stock control software


Salvage auctions
Specialist ATFs

Credit card laws
ELV Directive
Health & safety

Grading mechanical and other parts

Back in August we took a look at ARA’s standard for body panels and how it allowed us to offer a uniform system of supply to the bodyshop and garage trades. Here we take a look at ARA’s classifications for mechanical and other parts.
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Duesmann for cat processing

The scrappers are back


Many of us watched the series, Scrappers which ran on BBC earlier in the year. Well, the film makers are back for a second series so we thought it time to catch up with the star of the show,Terry Walker.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Baling vehicle plastics

Back in August we looked at the increasing value in automotive plastics and the potential for the industry to capitalise on this ever growing volume of material. Here we take a look at what’s involved in baling the product ready for the plastics recycler.
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OHRA racking systems

Adding Value to your business

Engine breaking

It’s not every day we get such a great example of a business adding value to its service as the one we saw when we visited airbagsforsale.com a couple of months back.
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Remove My Car Auction

Great opportunities at this year’s ARA conference

1100 delegates, 100+ exhibitors, tour of Nissan plant in Smyrna, 20’s style gala dinner and awards ceremony, yard tour and BBQ, 30+ educational seminars, committee meetings, and countless hours of networking with fellow professionals - and I wonder why I lost my voice!
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

Find a Part gets re-born

Find a Part was one of the first into the parts locator market with a history dating back to 1978. We haven’t heard much of the name in recent years but that looks set to change with new owners, a comprehensive re-brand and the launch of what they tell us is a new and easy to use website.
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