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Tax Discs are history - are you ready for the changes?

As of October 1 2014, DVLA paper tax discs will no longer be available and all records will be online. What does this mean for trade buyers and sellers.
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Keeping your airbag detonator up to date

Doctored airbag

With so many airbags appearing in vehicles these days, making sure they’re all safely detonated can be a problem. CIS Ltd’s latest version of the Blast box © airbag detonator should overcome these issues.
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FABBundle - why buy the whole car?

Mick bows out after 35 years in the business

We all know that auto recycling is a way of life rather than a job which is why so many stay in this industry for their working lives. Mick Webberson fits this category perfectly, but he has finally decided to hang up his boots.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Driving the Circular Economy in the auto sector

Engine breaking

A leading plastics recycler suggests that a new set of legislative drivers which use ‘more carrots, less sticks’ is needed if the automotive sector is to deliver greater sustainability within the Circular Economy for recycled plastic content in new vehicles.
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

Another outlet for Parts Bundles

GBC Professional are offering a new service for Parts Bundles to sellers across the UK. With no selling charges they tell us this is a unique opportunity for UK based sellers of ‘Green Recycled Parts’ and salvage vehicles.
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European Salvage has serious issues

Insurance companies in the European Union are failing to protect themselves and their customers from fraudulent and unscrupulous actions on written off vehicles.
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Iris-Mec Depollution

RWM a big disappointment but tow show was worth a visit

Well, perhaps not a disappointment if you’re into waste but for the auto recycler, the show has lost it with so few relevant companies showing their wares that for the first time we felt it simply wasn’t worth the effort of going.
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OHRA racking systems
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