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FABBundle - why buy the whole car?

Air bag tools
Air con recovery
Cat cutters
Depollution rigs
Dismantling systems
Fuel removal
Glass removal
LPG recovery

Autodrain Depollution Equipment

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Oil filter crushers
Oil skimmers


Oil spill clean-up
Shock absorber tools
Storage tanks
Vehicle lifts/ramps
Wheel crushers

Bollington Insurance Services

Air bags
Businesses for sale
Cashless trading systems
Cat buyers
Environmental Consultants
Health & safety
Legal assistance

Oil collection
Racking for vehicles/spares
Salvage auctions
Salvage software
Scrap Non Ferrous
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Spares locator services
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Salvage auctions
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Credit card laws

Chas Ambrose ATF Services

ELV Directive
Health & safety

And what about unrecorded salvage?

Regulars to atfPro will be more than aware of our dual concerns for the insurance industry’s attitude to the categorisation of salvage coupled to the lackadaisical attitudes of DVLA but an even bigger concern has raised its head - unrecorded salvage.
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

High capacity Loadall to debut at CARS

JCB at CARS 2014

At CARS 2014, headline sponsor JCB will launch its most powerful ever Loadall telescopic handler to the ELV industry. It joins the company’s tailor-made range of equipment for rehandling end of life vehicles. JCB tell us what else they have planned for this year's event.
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OHRA racking systems

Handling hybrids and electric vehicles

Hybrid & EV training

Hybrids and electric vehicles are now getting to an age where they don’t only come through as salvage but also as end of life vehicles. There are plenty of risks involved with handling these vehicles for the unwary and a new training course from Salvage Wire will put you on the right track.
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Green Car Depollution

New legislation in Ireland to tackle write-offs

In Ireland, new measures are planned to ensure that severely damaged vehicles stay off the road, with drivers who put severely and irreparably damaged vehicles back on the road facing new sanctions.
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Impressive demand for FAB's parts bundles

We have been following the idea of FAB Bundle since its launch last December as it offers something new for the industry - you only need to buy the parts and not the car! With the potential to create a true wholesale market for the trade we thought we better check on how it's going down.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Collecting vehicles can help the homeless?

It’s a few year’s since we visited Recycling Lives, an auto recycling company that believes in giving something back to society and we thought you might be interested to hear about their scrap car network - here’s what they told us.
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Iris-Mec Depollution
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