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Green Car Depollution

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Closer ties with bodyshops and insurers

The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association’s recent annual general meeting was upbeat and focussed on business development with presentations from the body shop and insurance sectors.
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insurance and the pick-a-part site

Green Car demo site

If you operate a pick-a-part (self service) site then you may have come across the same insurance problems as Simon Charlton of Erith based Pick-a-Part. His insurers gave him two weeks notice but according to Anita Jones of Bollington, there shouldn’t be a problem getting cover but you do have to tick the right boxes - read on!
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Iris-Mec Depollution

JMC launch oil filter crusher

JMC Vortex' latest development is the Metallican HC Oil Filter Crusher. The crusher is based on one of JMC’s successful Metallican baling machines but with increased maximum compression force and a sump and drainer added to collect the residual oil.
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Depollution in a box

Manitou in yard

SEDA have announced two new machines, a mobile depollution system that comes in a container, and an LPG recovery system.
The MDS6 is the newest container system from SEDA and they tell us it provides an all in one solution for the mobile de-pollution of end of life vehicles (ELV) on the cutting edge of technology.
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1st Choice Spares - the UKs leading parts locator

Why buy the whole car?

We are conditioned as vehicle dismantlers to buy cars, whole cars, but why? After what I found out last month, I am questioning whether there may be a better way.
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If you want to make more money...

Keeping your business moving forward means keeping on top of changes. CARS lets you check all the latest developments in one place.
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OHRA racking systems

Insurance categories aren’t getting any better

Here’s another one. Cat C but how is anyone going to repair this. The front end’s completely burnt out, the interiors had it, there’s damage to doors and shell - everything tells me this shouldn’t be a Cat C.
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