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All change for air-con refrigerants

Nothing ever stays still for long, and air-con refrigerants are no exception. From the beginning of 2013, most manufacturers have been using the latest spec, R1234yf in vehicles. Are you geared up for it?
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Green Car announces Demo site

Green Car demo site

There’s nothing like seeing equipment in a working environment so anyone looking for depollution kit will be interested to know about Green Car’s new demonstration facility.
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OHRA racking systems

Sold an OSF door mirror for a 7 series BMW recently?

Jason Cross of BMW specialist, FAB Recycling has been contacted by Wiltshire Police investigating a serious hit and run incident that took place in Swindon, Wiltshire very recently - can you help?
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Iris-Mec Depollution

Is it time to upgrade the productivity on your site?

Manitou in yard

Efficiently moving vehicles and parts around the yard and buildings can greatly increase your productivity. Materials handling specialist, Manitou reckon with their equipment, you could seriously improve the effectiveness of your operation.
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Manitou Materials handlers

Getting the most for your CATs

We all handle big volumes of catalytic convertors these days and as ATFs and dismantlers, there are a number of routes we can go down to maximise the return on these high value items.
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JMC vortex for the dismantler

99% vehicle recycling is feasible

We are all concerned about achieving the 85% recovery target, let alone the 95% that comes into force in 2015. MBA Polymers who have developed advanced processes for automotive shredder residue (ASR) believe that in the future, 99% of ELVs could be recovered.
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