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Process time is top priority for Essex Car Collection

Making your living from end of life vehicles throws up a number of theories on which is the best way to go. Darrel Theedon and his partner, Darren Lee have no doubts on the best way to capitalise on their market.
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The Mine on wheels

specialist metals from cars

That’s how Becky Berube, Umicore’s North American Commercial Manager describe end of life vehicles (ELVs) at the CARS show earlier in the year, and it’s not surprising when 65% of world wide demand for platinum, palladium, and rhodium – comes from the auto sector, but the big question is, what’s in it for us?
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IHN specialist insurance for dismantlers

VIC consultation update

It is always good to have the opportunity to air views on these subjects, but it is disappointing to see what we believe is a biased and flawed way in which DFT has presented the data in the main paper, as this seems to bear little or no relation to the actual evidence.
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CIS take on the Iris-Mec agency for UK and Ireland.

Green repair

Many of us have dealt with CIS already, being the UK supplier for the Holmatro range of cat cutters, as well as independent hydraulic specialists. More recently they acquired the UK and Ireland agencies for Italy’s Iris-Mec range of ELV processing equipment.
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Vortex Depollution Systems

AutoDrain announce Fuel Recovery Qualification

I’m sure most of us know that petrol is a flammable substance, but just how dangerous petrol vapour can be is still something that not many of us understand fully. For example, did you know that one litre of petrol is enough to create 15,000 litres of explosive petrol vapour? It only takes a single static electricity spark to cause a major explosion.
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Fancy a trip to the ARA’s 69th Annual Convention

The Automotive Recyclers Association’s 69th Annual Convention and Exposition takes place October 24-27th and after all the interest from the other side of the atlantic during the CARS show, a number of UK dismantlers expressed interest in the American show - so now’s your chance.
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Green Car Depollution
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