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Solera Holdings, Inc. to acquire assets from PS Holdings

Hollander’s parent company, Solera Holdings Inc who snapped up Actual Systems recently, have now signed an agreement to acquire the assets of PS Holdings, L.L.C. These names may not mean much to you but they will!
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FAB secure national agreement for police vehicles

Police ELVs at FAB

An agreement has been secured with FAB Recycling Ltd for the safe disposal and recycling of end-of-life police vehicles. The agreement, which comes as a result of work carried out by the recently launched Regional Procurement Team on behalf of the Home Office and National Association of Police Fleet Managers, will run for a period of two years initially and provide a contracted means of disposal for end-of-life vehicles as well as the opportunity for forces to buy back non-safety related green parts.
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Overton Garage

India to tackle end of life vehicle issues

Those who attended last month’s CARS show may not have been aware of one of the presentations at the IRT conference, Recycling ELVs – India Status Report, which demonstrated that India is taking environmental issues associated with end of life vehicles very seriously.
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Airbags and safety critical parts sales

Green repair

Airbag components are unquestionably safety critical, like many other things in vehicles (such as tyres, brakes, steering, suspension). In fact, one could go on to say that virtually every part in a car is safety critical, in one way or another. So where does this leave us in terms of selling ‘recycled’ safety critical parts?
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IHN specialist insurance for dismantlers

Is this the end of the road for VIC?

The Department for Transport (DFT) has just announced a review of the VIC scheme, and for the current system of salvage categorisation. A consultation document has been issued that provides the figures on the number of VICs undertaken and the detection of ‘ringers’. This is great news for the UK dismantling and salvage industry and it’s your opportunity to tell Government what you think of this scheme.
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New UK service and sales partner for SEDA

SEDA-Umwelttechnik GmbH, and JMC Recycling Systems Ltd, UK´s largest manufacturer of metal recycling equipment have announced a co-operation for the UK dismantling market.
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Vortex Depollution Systems
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