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JMC launch new Engine Crusher

Nottingham based, JMC have launched a brand new engine crusher that’s powerful enough to completely break up whole engines which they claim will greatly enhance subsequent separation of steel from clean and irony aluminium.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers

Green Car’s rising star

Green Car's Olivia Hutchins

Green Car Depollution Ltd and their Director, Olivia Hutchins had a lot to celebrate recently when they picked up three awards at the South West Women in Business Awards sponsored by Coutts.
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Pinnacle/URG Conference attracts over 650 delegates

Actual Systems, owners of Pinnacle Software held its 16th joint conference with the United Recyclers Group (URG) in Denver the weekend of the 13th April. More than 650 delegates attended with the Inverness Conference and Hotel facilities completely booked out and two other local hotels busy with the overflow. This conference now ranks alongside the American Recyclers Association(ARA) in importance and delegate numbers each year.
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Technical advances and globalisation increase risks

Motor vehicle engineer, Andy Latham takes a hard look at the problems that have been created for the industry when you combine the effects of market globalisation and high tech developments in vehicle design and production. In this first part, Andy looks at the cross border movement of vehicles.
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IHN specialist insurance for dismantlers

Part worn tyres under the spotlight - again!!

used tyres

Selling part worn tyres is an important part of the vehicle dismantlers' business with many operating their own tyre fitting bays, but a report from TyreSafe makes shocking reading and threatens to raise serious issues as to their suitability for sale.
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The Cycle of Recycle

USA based auto recycler, David Vercauteren explains his concept of 'The Cycle to Recycle". Although written for the American market, this article is as valid for the UK auto recycler as his American counterparts. Read on, if you want to seriously reduce your returns rate!
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Life on the front line - fire

Health and Safety specialist, Phil Wass takes a look at problems that some of his clients had recently in the hope that this may benefit your ongoing management of health and safety. Most of us never expect to have direct experience of a serious health and safety issue within their own workplace however, sometimes we do.
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Green Car Depollution
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