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Green Parts - what’s wrong with our image?

In previous articles we have looked at the issues associated with the quality of parts and how we can supply the volume which would be required by the trade market. In this final part of the series we take a look at our image.
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Green Car Depollution

Airbags and the insurance industry

Airbags are high value items

Airbags are probably the most valuable element (after the engine and box) of a premature end of life vehicle, yet in the UK we are not meant to sell them. This isn’t a legal requirement but more the instruction of the insurance industry. So why don’t they want us to sell them?
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Supplying a faulty part just got more expensive

Last year, a decision taken by the European Court ruled that under B2C sales contracts, the vendor has to bear the cost of de-installation of the faulty part and the installation of the replacement. So what does this mean for the auto recycler?
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Overton Garage

Paul Taroni takes on the North Pole

Paul Taroni

Many may remember Paul Taroni’s efforts a couple of year’s back when he and his fellow adventurers conquered Killimanjaro, and raised £12,000 for charity. This year they are at it again and the bar has been raised - they’re going to conquer the North Pole.
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CARS - it keeps getting better

We thought you were due an update on how the CARS show is going as things are moving fast. The complete auto recycling and secondary metals show is filling up fast with the bulk of the show space now sold. The big news since we last covered the show is that JCB have come on board as main sponsors.
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The ELV directive and how it's affected the manufacturers?

We have all heard more than enough of the End of Life Vehicle Directive – 2000/53/EC, the Europe-wide directive that was to be enforced in all member states by 21 April 2002. From 1st January 2007 the responsibility for disposal of an ELV passed to the vehicle manufacturers and in this article, Andy Latham takes a look at how the directive has effected them.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers
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