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Trade markets require much higher availability of parts

The sale of second hand parts to the repair trade is a complicated business and the factors affecting it fall into a number of areas which we shall explore over the next few months. In this article we take look at the availibility of our products to the mass repair market.
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astbury Wren Insurance
JMC Cat recycling

Maximising your profit

There are two sides to making money out of end of life vehicles. Firstly there’s the parts, and here at ATF Professional we are under no illusion of the potential there. Then there is the residue - the hulk, engines, cats, wheels and tyres etc, etc. Are you making the most of it?.
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Cash for scrap and the dismantler

Secretary of State for the Home Department, Theresa May has announced the Government’s intention to get rid of cash trading for scrap metal but what's that got to do with the vehicle dismantler?
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Green Car Depollution

Green parts washer - environmentally friendly and cost effective!

Green Car Eco Parts Washer

Green Car Depollution has added a sustainable and cost effective range of parts washers to their eco spill control range. As there are no built in costs for monthly disposal of solvent, the washer is economically beneficial in addition to performance, environmental and health and safety benefits.
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safe behaviour at work

Around two hundred people still die at work in this country every year and this figure does not include around a thousand more who die at the wheel of their vehicle on the public highways (whilst at work). Many companies are now embracing what we call a ‘behavioural approach’ to health and safety at work – for it is usually ‘PEOPLE’ who cause accidents at work.
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Make sure your advert's OK

Recently the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled against an auto recycler’s advert. We don’t have any details about this particular car breaker but the ruling raises some points that all dismantlers need to be aware of.
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