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Standards essential to open up green parts business

I don’t think any of us could argue that the potential to sell green parts for vehicle repairs is huge. Coupled to that we have a dwindling market in the private motorist who doesn’t share the same passion for fixing his motor as previous generations did. So in this climate of austerity, is the used parts market reaching its full potential?
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers

RAW2K goes for nationwide scrap car collection

Auto Dismantling System from Overton

I guess this was bound to happen. You take a business that is setup to auction vehicle salvage from contracts with insurers and public offices such as police and councils. You get 23 authorised treatment facilities covering the UK, and it is then a natural progression to extend the service to the collection of end of life vehicles from the general public.
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Great opportunities for the auto recycler at CARS

Next June’s CARS show is shaping up to be a great few days for anyone involved in auto recycling who wants to keep on top of their game. From the exhibition standpoint, there’s going to be plenty to see, whether that’s materials handlers for moving equipment around the yard or the latest in depollution kit - the thing with CARS is that you can actually see the kit doing its job.
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astbury Wren Insurance

Struggling to make a profit from End of Life Vehicles?

Batteries stacked ready for transport

With high scrap prices many auto recyclers are finding that they are struggling to purchase ELV’s at sensible prices, and prices are unlikely to drop in the near future. One UK based auto recycler has developed their management process to make sure that they are making consistent profit on all vehicles, even at the current ELV market value. They know they will return at least £230 on each vehicle they process as scrap, and their average return on each vehicle purchased for parts is over £600.
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Prosecution for failure to report recycling targets

Government legislation has led many of us to react quickly to new rules and by doing so we have usually paid a heavy price for early compliance. The 2006 85% recycling targets are another area where the industry was warned that failure to achieve the target would result in prosecution. And now, after 5 years of delay, we are finally starting to see this happen.
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Aussie dismantlers benefit from conference

Actual Systems reports that the Australian Auto Recyclers’ conference in Shoal Bay, NSW was a big success. The format of the weekend was very similar to last year with 27, fifty minute seminars running in 3 rooms throughout the Friday and Saturday, covering a range of topics aimed at both Pinnacle and non-Pinnacle users.
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Green Car Depollution
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