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Green Car Depollution

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Technical Competence

Auto recycling from a different angle

I heard an interesting analogy the other day from a forward thinking vehicle dismantler. “Why hasn’t our industry been B&Q’d yet?” he asked. Not being too sure what he meant, I asked him to explain.
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Overton Garage

Want to increase profits - then you better take a look!

Auto Dismantling System from Overton

A few months ago we brought you news of an engine ripper that could do a lot, lot more. Unfortunately the product wasn’t available in the UK but now we have some other news that is even more exciting. Overton Dismantlers are selling a similar product from USA based, Northshore Manufacturing, makers of Builtrite branded products. The equipment is known as their Auto Dismantling System.
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More training seminar dates released

I know it’s not the most gripping topic in the world, but we have been notified that more training seminars for technical competence have been released.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers

Electric Vehicles - what does it mean for the vehicle dismantler?

Batteries stacked ready for transport

At the beginning of the year the government released details of the first nine electric cars that will be eligible for grants. As from January 1st, 2011, buyers could get £5,000 discount on these vehicles. The plan was to jump start the electric car market. Has it worked?
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Survey should help future development

SEDA are currently running an on-line survey which they would like as many ATFs and dismantlers (not just SEDA operators) to complete. This information is important as it helps SEDA better understand the needs of our industry. You will even be included in a sweepstake to say thank you for the few minutes of your time.
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The missing link

Health and Safety Consultant, Phil Wass thinks you may have potentially missed one essential step when it comes to evidencing your commitment to health and safety.
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