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Fantastic opportunity that just passes us by

I don’t think I have ever come across a business sector that offers so much to those involved as car breaking does. I also have to add, I have never come across a business sector that isn’t keen to capitalise on its potential. But when it comes to vehicle dismantlers and car breakers the potential of used parts sales seems to pass us by.
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Abanaki Oil Skimmers

What are you doing with your wiring looms?

wiring looms

What happens to the wiring looms in the end of life vehicles you break? Do you take them out and put them in a skip? Do you leave them in the hulk to go to the frag? Or, with the price of copper, have you considered granulating them?
On the face of it, with copper getting on for $10,000 a tonne, there is big chunk of money tied up in those looms. In Sterling terms, if you are selling the looms on, then you are probably getting just over £1 per kg at the moment, so £1,000 per tonne in round figures. If you granulate the looms then you are looking at around £4,000 per tonne. So do the sums add up and what are the snags, after all nothing is ever that straight forward!
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Dismantlers get heard by the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency recently held an event attended by over 300 Environment Agency staff and interested parties to launch their new Environment & Business (EB) structure. This new structure is designed to streamline the agency’s roles in site based regulation of waste (which incudes dismantling) and has been driven by the demands on all public offices to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The EA invited the dismantling industry to address the audience which was a golden opportunity to get our issues heard by those who police us.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers

Great way to clean up spills


We all suffer from time to time with oil spills and we have various ways of cleaning it up. That may be a natural material such as sawdust or one of the many proprietary granules on the market. Whatever you use, most of these materials are not perfect for the job.
Conventional materials, as we have mentioned suffer from a number of problems. Firstly, they are not that quick to absorb, secondly, you always end up with a fine slippery film where the spill has been and thirdly, you have to dispose of the contaminated material, which will also include a vast amount of material that is wasted. Having accepted this situation for a long, long time, it was quite a surprise to come across a product called Pelican Eco-Spill
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SEDA looking for new UK agent

The name SEDA is well known as a supplier of depollution equipment in the UK and they recently announced the ending of their agreement with UK distributor, Dale Processing Equipment Ltd. At the moment they are in negotiation with a few established UK companies, with a view to appointing a new SEDA Partner for Great Britain.
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