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Salvage Auctions - are we getting a fair deal?

Many of us rely on a supply of good quality breakers to keep our businesses ticking over but there has been disquiet lately about the volume of salvage suitable for breaking and the price it fetches. Many want to know why prices often do not seem to justify the vehicles on offer.
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astbury Wren Insurance

Hybrids - what's in it for the dismantler?

Hybrids hitting our yards

Hybrid vehicles are now at the age where not only damaged vehicles are entering yards, but also traditional ELVs are starting to turn up. Honda’s Insight was launched in 1999, followed quickly by the Toyota Prius and we now have plenty of hybrids on UK roads. With many other manufacturers launching models this year, the sight of hybrid power trains is going to become more common-place in our yards but is that going to be good or bad?
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Oil filters get the green light

Hats off to MVDA for their efforts. In the last issue of ATF Professional we brought you news of their efforts to have crushed oil filters removed from hazardous waste classification. Last week they were notified that the Environment Agency accepted the findings and have modified their Guidance. See the updated article here

Abanaki Oil Skimmers

Throwing away profit in the battery bin?

Traction Chargers

Have you ever counted just how many batteries you throw into your scrap bins for recycling? Let’s face it, those scrap batteries are a nice little earner but according to Dave Hill of BATS UK, you are probably throwing away batteries that are perfectly seviceable and should be sold as working batteries. That’s a much better deal than the scrap price, even with the price of lead as it is!
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More about technical competence

Further to last issue's article regarding the requirement for sitting an examination to prove your technical competence by February next year, the trainers from Aviva and Astbury Wren have told us that more courses will be available in September. They will be held at locations in the north, the midlands and the south. Places and the number of seminars are limited and priority (and a discount) is given to MVDA members so email your details as soon as possible to reserve your place.
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