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Storage tanks
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furber yard for sale

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Technical Competence

Grandfather rights don't wash anymore

Will you and your staff be technically competent before it's too late?You may think you know what you’re doing but the government aren’t convinced. This time next year, if you operate a site in England or Wales and haven’t passed the test to prove your technical competence, then you could risk being closed down. The Environment Agency (EA) are currently drafting up their guidelines for what will happen if you haven’t complied by the end of February 2012. This may sound a fair way off, but this test isn’t as easy as it sounds and you and your managers need to be prepared.
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Pinnacle software for dismantlers

Green Car Depollution Equipment

New range of depollution


Green Car have launched a new range of depollution equipment for the vehicle dismantler with claims of increased efficiency that's compact but very accessible. Apart from a comprehensive range of ancilliary equipment, the core system comes in three variations. you can have a system with two pumps in the cabinet, or three pumps in the cabinet, or both cabinets giving you five pumps. This gives the options of,only handling diesel and petrol,or diesel, petrol and oil or with both cabinets you also get screen wash and coolant recovery as well.
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FAB want BMWs

Oil filters

recent tests could mean

no longer hazardous waste

There has been an argument raging for a long time as to whether a drained oil filter should still be classed as hazardous waste. The MVDA have been arguing the point with the Environment Agency and they recently undertook an experiment to measure the quantities of oil remaining in drained and crushed filters to back up their arguments.
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Used Parts

Increasing the vehicle

dismantler's profit

Keeping track of your stock is key to maximising profits and that does mean computerisation. Those already well down the technological road have already seen major benefits, especially when systems allow for selling over the internet. After all, it’s a big market out there - and now it doesn’t even cost you to dip your toe into the water.
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autodrain training for technical competence

Latest generaion of equipment from Vortex announced

New generation of equipment

from Vortex

Depollution specialists, Vortex Ltd have released news of the latest generation of their depollution system. Known as the combi system, they tell us it incorporates all the benefits of their separates system into one simple to use stand and tool format.
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